Saturday, January 29, 2005

"You know, I was just gonna torture the song, and now you're murdering it."

Well, that line alone, as delivered by Samantha Morton, is enough to bump Code 46 from my "Wish I'd seen it" list to "Honorable Mention" for 2004. Plus there was that Mick Jones cameo. Please don't ask which Mick Jones. Ok, thanks. Who knew there were two good films in which a man and a woman fall in love, only to find that her memory of him has been erased? I'm telling you, amnesia is the new black(out?).


Anonymous said...

You know, I was going to post something really witty about Code 46 review, but I forgot what what I was going to say.

By the way, which Mick Jones were you talking about?

Anonymous said...

films where the woman gets her brain erased as a method to get over a guy....

meet joe black
men in black
wizard of oz
betty blue
50 first dates
that holly hunter movie with richard dreyfuss as the rugged pilot (as if)