Thursday, January 13, 2005

"I wanna see you squirm, just a little, and when you smart me, it roons it."

I've changed the settings on this here blarg so that even people who are not "registered users" can post their comments. I'm all for the free exchange of ideas and all that crap.

I won't be able to come up with a clever and/or thematically appropriate quote for each post, so don't get your hopes up. As if, right?

I have decided to call this a "blarg" both because it is pirate-y sounding, and because onomatopoeically speaking, it evokes a cartoon character vomiting. So that seems appropriate. Top ten list, any day now. Turns out I will never see every film released in 2004. Better luck in 2005, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Josh, Can you speak alittle about Bollywood films and why they are so great and how old fashioned romantic song and dance big musical numbers terrific they are? The women are all so beautiful and virtuous and the men are handsome and devilishly frisky without being vulgar.

Josh said...

Yeah, I like Bollywood, but I hardly consider myself any kind of authority. I've seen maybe 12-14 films, many of them fairly recent. I tend to go on binges where I'll see three or four in a short time period and start thinking I'm an expert. At the video store the other day, I mistakenly told a customer (who knew better) that Hrithik Roshan was in LAGAAN. Anyone who knows anything about Bollywood knows that's Aamir Khan. In any case, Bollywood is good old-fashioned entertainment, and even when the films aren't that great (eg KOI...MIL GAYA, E.T./PHENOMENON/CHARLY ripoff and probably the worst Bollywood film I've seen) they are usually still fun. But my knowledge is fairly limited. I don't even have favorite stars, didn't even like Shahrukh Khan until I saw MAIN HOON NA, which is among my favorites. If you, Anonymous, have any viewing suggestions, I am all ears.