Monday, January 11, 2010

Where You Been?

I've been sick?

Okay, it's lame to leave my blog lying fallow like this for so long. Even if no one reads it. There are a few recent posts on other sites that link to here, so I might as well send you back where you came from? Anyway, here are some things I've posted over the past, er, decade:

Here's my Best of 2008 at Charlotte Viewpoint. Here's my Review of Steven Soderbergh’s CHE and my 2009 Best of Tribeca from the same site.

And here's my Best of the Decade list.

And my Best of 2009 from the All Movie Guide blog.

I'll be back soon to write um, addenda to those last two, and maybe I'll write something about David Cronenberg's SHIVERS, too, the last movie I watched, and a great one.

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